More Templates + Special Announcement

Today I'm announcing some time-sensitive information regarding Nathan Dasco's new Book Cover Template Collection (50+ Templates) which will be launching Tuesday May 9th at 8am PST. Watch the video above to get all the info, plus the talk about a secret bonus you may not want to miss.

Here is another Pre-made cover template from Nathan's new collection that he is releasing next week. Feel free to download and use this template how you wish.

Download This Template

Nathan wants me to mention that he will be offering his 50 templates for the first 5 days only, then he will be closing down his website to focus on future projects.

I've been thinking about offering a secret bonus to the first 100 people that take action on Nathan's 50 templates next Tuesday. This will come from me personally through email. Let me know what you think about this idea. I will confirm everything on Mondays video.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Dawn

    Thanks for everything you do. These are so handy. Have you thought about doing more for children’s or small spines (under .5 in)?


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