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Recently I've been working with Nathan Dasco who is an amazing book cover designer. I've gotten his permission to post a few pre-made cover templates from one of his new collections which is coming out soon.

Watch the video above and learn some tips and tricks when working with these templates in Photoshop.

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If you like these templates, please leave a comment below. Your feedback also helps encourage him to make more 🙂

Download All Templates


  1. Kimberly

    Yours are the best book cover templates and mockups by far! So happy to see you’re making more freebies–thank you!!

  2. Laura Duffy

    These templates are fantastic. My clients LOVE getting to see their books in 3D way before they’re actually published. Many many thanks for the work you put in to these.

  3. Jinggo

    Awesome work! I’m also a designer but I’m not in your league, Nathan Dasco! You have a fantastic talent and eye for details. Thank you!

  4. Beverly

    Would you mind furnishing a list of the fonts needed for each mockup, please? When I opened them, since I apparently did not have the fonts in Photoshop, it automatically converted them to fonts that do not look as good. Thank you!

  5. Marvin Goldstein

    I have the strangest feeling the greater majority of Adobe users know how to do what you illustrate when it comes to modifying your book covers …

    If you really want to put on a show, why not tell us how you do:
    (1) solid black shadows;
    (2) blur second gradient black shadow;
    (3) create a highlighted spine …

    That would be the cat’s ass because everything else is really Simple-Simmon Says …

    Or is this asking too much for us to learn and understand ???

    Thank you,

  6. Shonah

    Excellent covers as usual Mark, and probably too good for free! I notice they are PS files, and was wondering if they would open in Gimp – some do, some don’t.
    I’ll just try anyway 🙂

  7. Akin Busayomi

    Great concept, great design, and wonderful finishing. Thanks for the templates. it is awesome.

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