Download Free CoverActionPro 3.0 Starter Kit


Start using assets from CAP 3.0Β before it's officially released! I've taken 5 mockups out of the 500 (that are included with the full version) and I'm giving them to you now, so you can get started before we launch the complete product.

Make sure to watch my “CAP 3 Starter Kit Video” to get all the details on how to use these files (PSD). They're a little different than the older action scripts, but just as easy to use.

Download the CoverActionPro 3.0 Starter Kit

Here are some previews and possibilities with the files from this kit.

csk-prev-book csk-prev-boxes csk-prev-devices csk-prev-landscape csk-prev-mag




  1. Marvin Goldstein

    I think you have a greater audience membership who appreciate your kindness, sharing, and motivating us with your inspirations …rnrnSome fine sunny day when you are about out of ideas, you can provide a “fee” course about how you accomplish (1) reflections; (2) shading; (3) Gif image within a photoshop image [capturing, stacking, resizing, and positioning] — these alone are worth paying a few bucks to become more inspired and educated — you know — like attending higher-learning when I was 17 instead of now (81) …

  2. Doug Dillard

    Looks awesome Mark. I love Smart Objects… so easy to use. When do you think the full version will be released, and what is it going to cost?

  3. Eric "Rico" Reed

    Mark, all I can say is Wow! The quality and realism depicted in your CAP 3.0 designs, coupled with the ease of use, gives new meaning to the phrase… “explain it to me like a two year old!” Now virtually anyone with basic photoshop skills can make photo realistic covers and mock ups. CAP 3.0 turns Smart Objects into a Smart Product!

  4. Dave

    Great stuff Mark. I use CAP 2 all the time, but really like the move from actions to smart objects. Looking forward to playing around with the sample kit.

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      I think in general it would definitely be helpful to take any course on Photoshop. But for these mockups it’s very straightforward, and only requires a few steps. This will all be covered on a QuickStart video that is included with the new release.

  5. Martin Dilling-Hansen

    Looking good so far.rnBut I was wondering if the 3d objects is going to be released with CAP3? I think that would be very useful and provide a lot more flexibility for more advanced users πŸ™‚

    1. Zaher Habhab

      Thanks! Is there a free starter-kit for Cover Actions Pro earlier versions, photoshop actions, that I can use free for showing my work?

  6. hayden tomas

    Brilliant, looks very promising πŸ™‚ I like others would also be very interested in an upgrade offer, especially since i only purchased in october.rnrnHayden

  7. Steve

    Mark, it’s evident that you have put your heart and soul into this CAP 3.0 effort. I have come to expect the very best from you and all your products and have never been disappointed. For anyone that’s sitting on the fence about making this purchase – just do it! You won’t be disappointed. Mark is the very best in the industry at what he does.

  8. Frank Porter

    Thanks Mark, when I present my customers with your mock-ups I get comments like, stunning, inspiring, awesome, and great! These are from people who love my work but almost never respond (it’s just like pulling teeth!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Sandra, I’ll walk you through the steps inside the members area. You’ll find plenty of videos in there πŸ™‚

  9. Paul Delphin

    Great video, thankyou very much! But can you please tell me, how do you go about saving a file for publication or internet use. What settings do you use? I think this would be good to add to a follow up video perhaps? πŸ™‚

  10. Paul Delphin

    Oh sorry.. to elobrate, I recently purchased CAP 3, after being a long time user and fan of v2. May I please ask two more questions (sorry). I have noticed Amazon’s Kindle cover requirements state optimum dimensions for a Kindle cover are 2,560 x 1,600 pixels.. However the Kindle covers in the pack are a little smaller and I’m not sure why (2500 x 1563). Is this easy to change?? Second – I’m also getting error relating to fonts missing etc. when I load your covers. Exactly what fonts do I need and where to source please? Thankyou very much, great product, even better if I can get these issues sorted – and you will have a customer for life. πŸ™‚

  11. Ray

    This stuff is really great, quick and beautiful.
    A suggestion: As a designer it would be great to have your extensive collection divided into “Packs”. For instance “Hardcover and Softcover Books” “Magazines and whatever.” Though the whole collection is awesome, I rarely find the need for the Software, CD/DVD collections as almost all music, film, and software are unfortunately all downloadable in our world. But, books and magazines are still relatively alive today. Granted, that Stars Wars DVD Collection still probably sells like hot cakes, I assume, but those categories have almost become specialty items. Something to think about.
    BTW, having done numerous DVD Documentary Film packages in the past, you would have saved me hours of arranging DVDs, pamphlets, tablet simulations, photo shoots, etc. Oh well, great job with this. Keep up the good work.



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