24 Hour Notice + Secret Bonus Templates

Tuesday (tomorrow) May 9th at 8am PST Nathan Dasco's new template collection will become available for licensing. He calls it the “Dream Cover Pack” that includes 50 pre-made cover templates in different Genre's. This will only be available for 5 days because he wants to start working on other projects.

I've already posted some free samples of some of these amazing templates so you can get started editing them before we launch tomorrow.

The Secret Bonus

Nathan's Dream Cover Pack is already pretty amazing as it stands, but we are going to sweeten the pot by offering a discreet bonus to the first 100 people that License the templates through his website. The first 100 will be receiving a personal email message from me with a private download link. Bonuses always attract people, especially if they are unique. For example, when playing online casino a good bonus can help to win more money. The “Resuko” has collected the best of them for every taste. This bonus content will not be included with any other products and is exclusive to Nathan's Dream Cover Pack release.

See you tomorrow!

More Templates + Special Announcement

Today I'm announcing some time-sensitive information regarding Nathan Dasco's new Book Cover Template Collection (50+ Templates) which will be launching Tuesday May 9th at 8am PST. Watch the video above to get all the info, plus the talk about a secret bonus you may not want to miss.

Here is another Pre-made cover template from Nathan's new collection that he is releasing next week. Feel free to download and use this template how you wish.

Download This Template

Nathan wants me to mention that he will be offering his 50 templates for the first 5 days only, then he will be closing down his website to focus on future projects.

I've been thinking about offering a secret bonus to the first 100 people that take action on Nathan's 50 templates next Tuesday. This will come from me personally through email. Let me know what you think about this idea. I will confirm everything on Mondays video.

Have a great weekend.


Free Cover Templates

Recently I've been working with Nathan Dasco who is an amazing book cover designer. I've gotten his permission to post a few pre-made cover templates from one of his new collections which is coming out soon.

Watch the video above and learn some tips and tricks when working with these templates in Photoshop.

Download All Templates

If you like these templates, please leave a comment below. Your feedback also helps encourage him to make more 🙂

Download All Templates

CAP 3.0 Secret Bonus and Early Bird Discount

Today I'm announcing the Official Launch Time and a Secret Bonus. CoverActionPro 3.0 will go live on Tuesday March 28th at 7AM PST. This Time Converter will help you determine the correct hour for the launch in your area. You can enter “PST” in the location box for my time.

I have personally created a secret bonus for this relaunch. This is something I have been working on this last couple weeks. I can't say too much about it but the contents inside this bonus looks different than what you will find with the core product of CAP 3. I think you will absolutely love this bonus and I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Everyone that orders CAP 3 will get this secret bonus. You'll find it in the downloads section of the private members area. If you have previously ordered in January you will also get this bonus.

Get Access to CoverAction Pro 3.0 and receive all the bonuses.

Download Free CoverActionPro 3.0 Starter Kit


Start using assets from CAP 3.0 before it's officially released! I've taken 5 mockups out of the 500 (that are included with the full version) and I'm giving them to you now, so you can get started before we launch the complete product.

Make sure to watch my “CAP 3 Starter Kit Video” to get all the details on how to use these files (PSD). They're a little different than the older action scripts, but just as easy to use.

Download the CoverActionPro 3.0 Starter Kit

Here are some previews and possibilities with the files from this kit.

csk-prev-book csk-prev-boxes csk-prev-devices csk-prev-landscape csk-prev-mag