Poll: Which Cover Templates are You Looking for?

vote-for-templates2It’s that time again. I have a team of designers standing by to take your request on more designer templates, but which ones will they be? Please take 5 seconds and place your vote and let me know which cover styles you are after, and I’ll make sure they’re created!

Also, what is your opinion on having some “specialized packs” you can download. For example, these packs may have less templates but they will be in the same category. This way you can laser-target exactly what you need. Please let me know :-)



  1. Pete Episcopo

    Hi, Mark… it’s interesting that your email came when it did. I’m a graphic design course director at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. I am building a website for my students related to an initiative that I am passionate about; practice. In short, our Media Communications Bachelor of Science degree program produces the media strategists of tomorrow. When these students get to the graphic design course, I want them to practice on as many tools as possible (especially Adobe tools… I’m an Adobe Ed Leader and can connect them to plenty of content). One resource I wish I could connect them to is Photoshop Top Secret. I can’t tell you how many students I have helped pass the Adobe certification while using your series as a key component of practice and preparation. How can I connect them going forward now at Full Sail? I would be greatly appreciative if you could create a way to do so… this is still my Mark Monciardini favorite! :)



    PS… you’re famous in my classes! :)

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Wow thanks Pet!

      So glad I could be helpful in that area. I actually attended Full Sail back in 1993, before they had the graphics design courses. Congratulations on your success’s there and for being an Adobe Leader. You could probably teach me a thing or two, I’m a little rusty these days. The PTS course was acquired by Digital Sea Ltd and they plan on creating a slew of new training courses. Definitely Google them.

      Thanks for connecting!

  2. Don

    Online marketing, SEO,

    Key, NOT get rich quick looking. They should be the kind of image that attracts real business people.

  3. Mark Monciardini Post author

    For everyone that voted for Marketing & Business, can you reply to this comment with more details of your industry? Is this Google Adwords, Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing? Please let me know, thanks :-)

  4. Jan

    Hi Mark, what I have been looking for everywhere is not a book. It is a transparent (semi-transparent) shopping bag with handles that you can put other images inside and sort of see them through the bag. I hope that make sense as all I can find are solid coloured and not very easy to manipulate.
    Thanks Jan


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