1. Chris

    Would love to see some actions for creating Headers,logos, and backgrounds to install on websites, Facebook, Youtube etc.. to easily keep your brand design consistent throughout when designing for new start up businesses for both clients & yourself.

  2. LindaB

    I’d like to see binders and reports such as the comb style, facing left, with the binding away, if that makes sense!

  3. Dawne

    Would love a MAG003 that works for a half-sheet publication (5.5″x8.5″). Right now, we’re just adjusting the aspect ratio to fit the MAG003. How about a MAG003.5?

  4. Anne

    I find your actions product so useful! Would love to have a non-standard book cover and inside spread … 10 x 8. Or the ability to hire you to make me those actions. You know, for a good price, and then you could still sell it to the masses!

  5. Heike

    I found CAP a useful thing and built bigger parts of my portfolio with it. I´m missing the european DIN sizes in magazines, especially DIN A4 would be helpful. I always have to customize … Also the round book spine is missing, lefthand presentation, showing the spine. I´m still creating this on my own, but I would be grateful to have it in the actions folder.

  6. Lyndi

    I love how easy you have made it for me to create…. I have not seen the pill, bottle, etc one… so that will be awesome as I have some new images I need to create….

    keep up the awesome work…. you make my job easier… I love to sit back and hit run on the action button. still a lot to learn in the creation, but is awesome tool.
    thank you thank you thank you…
    ~ Lyndi

  7. Peter Hattingh

    Keep up the great work! I however have a bug or my suggestion could be an improvement.

    My actions are shown as: WEB001, WEB002, WEB003 etc. this makes it difficult for me to select the correct action.

    Is this standard or just an issue I have? If so any remedial action?




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