Poll: What do you do?

Please take a moment and tell me what industry you are in. This is loads of help when I’m creating future products. If you use CoverActionPro and templates, this should be an easy answer. You are probably one of the four below.

What is your specialty?

  • Writer. You write or produce online courses and books.
  • Publisher. You mainly work behind the scenes and market books and products.
  • Software. You create Apps/Services.
  • Graphics Designer. You’re a contractor or sell your designs.

Tell the world.



  1. Stewart Kelly

    Hi Mark. Like Bernie, I am both a writer and publisher. Looking forward to some specialized cover actions for the travel and food industries.

  2. Bob

    My main business is in developing strategic alliances, and brokering JV partnerships. Additionally, I am involved in marketing campaigns that often involve information marketing strategy development, hence the use of your products.

    Thank you.



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