New Book Cover Templates for Business


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Now available! New Template Pack for CoverActionPro called “Serious Business Vol.1”. I think, you guys, will just love these templates (20 in total). It’s packed with all the fixings and ingredients that will turn your next book into an instant “Bestseller” :-)

If you have a new book coming out (if not, you should really write one) you can skip the creative battle of making your own cover and use these simple-to-use designer templates.


All the cool effects and pretty text is already made for you. Just change the words how you want and you’re finished. Totally Customizable PSD’s with all layers as usual.


4 Book Cover Template Examples


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    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      Click on “My Account” at the top of this page and then click on the “Affiliate Area” tab. You’ll find your link there :-)

  2. Patrick

    I bought the pack and I learnt that it uses psd format and I could not find the action script, so how to convert the finished ecover to 3D as shown in example?

    Could not find the tutorial too on this too….

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      To achieve the 3D look, this will require CoverActionPro. Otherwise you can still use the templates in Photoshop for any project.

  3. Phil

    Kindle covers would be a great addition. I’m moving all of my books to Kindle and have an idea of the covers, but templates would sure make things faster (and there are so few out there). Thanks!

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      I’m working on this today. We got rushed this morning after a website glitch. This blog post shows about 90% of what is in the set. (20 Total).

  4. John Williamson

    Hi Mark,
    I love your stuff. Here are a couple of my requests for the future:

    1) I have to agree with the other requests for covers suitable for the new ‘Self-Publishing’ platforms, e.g., Kindle, Createspace, Kobo, etc., and maybe some tuition videos on how to use them with kindle, kobo, etc.,

    2) There are very few PS actions in landscape format, e.g., A4, Foolscap, etc., Yet virtually all computer screens are landscape. If we are creating ebooks and courses to be read at the screen, (which I am) it makes sense for them to be in landscape format.

    3) Book covers, and PS actions, for fiction books.


  5. Tony

    Re: “. If you want Kindle covers please post me a comment on the blog and let me know.”
    Yes, I would definitely like Kindle covers.



  6. Chris Thompson

    Hi Mark
    Awesome as always!
    Could you also do a pack to use for Kindle, as an upsell, please?
    What about a tutorial to use the finished covers as graphics on the web pages, social media sites to promote the finished books?
    Would be willing to pay for a tutorial series to create ads like the one you’ve done for this promotion.

    Kind regards


  7. San Coils

    Aaaggghhhh, will the 26th ever get here? I am sick of checking my calendar already!

    Ever thought of getting into the fiction arena Mark? Huge market out there for fiction covers and I’m only skimming the surface. Am sure I could do even more with a little help from a friend. :)

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi San,

      Yes, I have thought about Fiction quite a bit. Maybe we can make a small pack for it. At the moment the demand is leaning towards Business & Marketing but I am definitely open for another series. I’ll place it in queue and mention it to my team. Thanks!

  8. Tracy Childers

    Hi Mark,
    Looks like you’ve cranked out some more great work as usual!

    Question, will you be referencing all of the great fonts that you’ve used in all of the templates? Are most of them easy to get or do you mostly use a commercial set of fonts? Looks like the examples on typography alone would be worth the launch price.

    I’d love to know what font you’re using for the bold headline at the top image in this post that says “SERIOUS BUSINESS VOL. 1”

    Thanks. Keep up the GREAT work!


    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Tracy,

      Absolutely! We do it with all the template packs now. I will include a TXT file that will show exactly where to download the fonts. All the fonts we use are Free download.

      The typeface you mentioned in the Ad above is “Gotham” with a weight of “Ultra”. This one however, is a premium font.

  9. Josh

    Mark love your stuff! Are you going to send an email out on the 26th with links to buy?

    CoverAction Pro really changed parts of my business man.. I used to spend hours doing semi-crap covers because I I sucked at all the little fiddly bits of making the covers. Man I make insane covers now because of your stuff and in like 2 minutes usually. Seriously- big fan : )

    Thank you

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Hi Josh,

      Sorry for the delay. Yes I will send you an email :-)

      Glad I could help, thanks for that.

  10. Ruben

    Great work Mark! Any chance for some Business Consultant Templates as in “Strategic Alliances, Contract Agreements, Corporate, Strategy, Corporate Law and Finance Law”? You are the man!!!

      1. Ruben

        Hi Mark,
        -I’m making some video programs to my clients, regardless to Strategic Alliances ( helping companies promoting themselves by maximize the performance of their finance business processes wile reducing their business costs).
        -Corporation Strategic is a video program regardless (3 ways to grow a business, front-end and back-end strategies processes, where help them to discover the patterns that limit and restrict their business growth from different success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business, so their business will achieve a powerful advantage over their competition.
        -Corporation Law is also a video program regardless to the difference between government laws and how to use those laws by fulfill their vision as in; create assets or using they assets towards an investment in their business growth, what they want from their business and how they run and operate their business towards their goal.
        -Finance Law is anything regardless to their products or services financial structure operation and administration processes and how they can improve their business growth just by dividing their business organization processes into individual components.
        – As a Middle-Man organization between complimentary industries, we operate with “Contract-Agreements between us and our clients and also between our clients and they future complimentary partners.

        Will be great if you Mark can help me the design those templates, I don’t mind to by other templates ( because I like to collect them and using for future if I need with my ideas) but also I’ll be delighted if you can design the templates that I need and integrate them with the New template Pack Vol 1 that you will release on the 26 March 2014.

        Thanks Mark!

        1. Mark Monciardini Post author

          Thanks for the info Ruben. I will do my best to provide the highest variety with these packs. If you find yourself looking for really targeted branding and artwork, please drop me a line sometime at


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