1. Riggie

    Mark, the actions are great, but it would also be fabulous to be able to get more ready-made templates to be able to quickly create our own e-books — based on the template.

  2. roger

    Mark, Love your actions. Very professional design and they work! One thing that I’d like to see is more action that present print products – for example a three panel brochure action – that shows both sides. A newsletter or magazine cover action that showed different issues instead of all the same. How about rounded corner business cards? Trade show/event banner stand? I do lots of print design and am looking for a way to show off the design for my web portfolio.

  3. Melissa

    Mark, I’d like action scripts for these mockups…8 oz water bottles, 3×3 trifold accordion books, Hershey candy bars. I can show you samples if you’re interested.
    Love your work. Thanks for your products.

  4. Britt Phillips

    Mark I vote for more unique actions. Very distintive and unique action scripts to produce never before seen boxes, CD and DVD covers etc. Something really different than whats already available elsewhere. Something bold, new and fresh.

    More testimonial actions and even some video templates would be great as well.

  5. Ed

    More actions for web designers and mobile designers for Apps and websites, for online and offline marketing would be great.

    Thanks for all your products

  6. Ruben

    Hi Mark,

    Some templates, where I can integrate videos will be fantastic.

    Yes, please.

    Also some more different variable Photoshop cover actions will be good.

    Yes, please.

    Mark I’m counting on you!

    Anything new you come up with is good for me.

  7. Christer

    I’m already uses a lot of your action scripts and always have a look at your blog to learn more stuff. Most of my Photoshop skills I’v learn from your tutorials. So go ahead and make more great stuff!

  8. Jan Barker

    There is a trend to show a series of mobile devices side by side to demonstrate mobile responsive sites – would love to have that action:) Also, a video player fake cover and in agreement with others, the possibility to choose a number of items to create your own bundles. Not too much to ask is it?

    Love your work Mark and anything new you come up with is good with me.

    1. Mark Monciardini

      Marco, is this for sound and video products online or are you selling tangible goods?

      I’ve been debating rather or not we should still create products for CD’s as they are on the way out and becoming more specialized.

      Please let me know, thanks.

  9. Doug Smith

    I’d like to see more variations on existing products, for example, additional thicknesses of books. I’d also like to see variations of different products from the same angle so they can be used together. For example, I’ve tried to combine sets of paperback books, spiral books, DVDs, and a CD but couldn’t find one from each at the same angle to look right together.

    1. Joe

      Yes! The angles are important, being able to arrange many items with similar or matching perspectives would be fantastic!

  10. Vernell

    Interested in photoshop actions of gourmet style bottling, shopping bags, product packaging, etc …. retail type actions. Is that something you would consider offering?

  11. Derek Brigham

    Mark, your actions have been an enormous asset for me as a designer. I continue to purchase your new actions from ActionUser site. I have really liked the new 3D products.

    With more and more apps and ebooks being used on phones and tablets, I am using your mobile device templates a lot. Please keep those coming — also online video and audio representations would be great.

  12. Chris

    I agree with Damien’s comment. Your action scripts are simply the best I have ever had the pleasure to use. Keep ’em coming! ;o)


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