The CAP 2.0 production is alive and well

We’ve been working really hard to finish CoverAction Pro 2.0! We know how badly you are waiting it and I want to make sure you get the best quality possible for the eCovers. If you know me by now, I’m extremely particular about my work and I will only deliver a first class product to you. I know it’s taking a while but it will be worth the wait. My goal is to provide an industry standard presentation product for all your Internet and Marketing needs.

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CoverAction Pro Hits #1 on Google

CAP has hit number 1 placement on google for the last 2 weeks and holding strong. It’s taken almost 3 years to reach but well worth the wait. CAP positions 1st for the term “ebook cover actions”. You’ll also find #1 placement under “ebook Actions” and “eCover Actions” as well (No trickery SEO or link pages here). CAP is #2 for the most competitive term “ebook cover software”. I believe Google places priority on quality sites and I want to continue on providing you the best Ecovers for your business.

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CoverAction Pro 2.0 in Production

Here’s our shiny new blog for CoverAction Pro 2.0. I’ll be posting updates here, until the launch day of CAP 2.0.

I’ve been planning CAP2 for just a little over a year now and we have already started designing the product as of late February 2008. I think you will be very impressed with the unsurpassed quality CAP2 will bring to Internet Marketers and Web Designers everywhere. CoverAction Pro 2.0 will take advantage of Adobe Photoshops latest technology in layers and transforming objects. The result is high definition photo-realistic presentation graphics that make your products look their very best. We are planning CAP 2.0 to be released on a DVD and there will be over 100 Actions in the set. The included 100 page full color book will make it simple to pick out the right cover for your product or service at a glance. The book will not be a created with a cheap plastic binder, but instead a professional “Perfect Binding” method will be used, the spines are glued and form a squared-off look just like a book you would find at the bookstore.

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