Book Cover Templates for Kindle Business


Now available a new collection of Kindle Cover Templates for Photoshop – “Kindle Business Vol.1”. Head turning, mouth-watering designs for Business & Marketing. Create Kindle Covers in minutes, instead of hours and days. Have more time to focus on the passionate parts of your business.

Buy Now $47

cover-shot1 cover-shot2 cover-shot3  cover-shot5 cover-shot6

Buy Now $47


  • 12 Templates.
  • Thoughtfully Designed.
  • Your book will look its very best.
  • Fresh and Flawless.
  • Attract your buyer’s eye.
  • Be the biggest on the block.
  • Just the right size.
  • Just the right price.


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  2. Damien Rufus

    Hey Mark quick question,

    How do I, in photoshop, make the text filled with an image? For example, the cover for the marketing mindset book, I want the text “set” to actually be filled with the money that you have included.

    Hopefully you have a quick answer. I think it has something to do with masks… :)

  3. Miles

    Love the templates! Will they work with CoverActionPro 2 for some of the 3D ebook actions? I assume they would right as they’re flat templates and would just need re-sizing, right?

    1. Mark Monciardini Post author

      Yes, Maybe :-) They are sized for Kindle, but you can modify the size into a CAP template by dragging all layers.

  4. Tony

    Hi Mark,

    How many templates will there be in the pack?

    Will the action script for the 3D version of the covers be compatible with PS3?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  5. San Coils

    Hmm, so you would release them when I’m on holiday lol. And of course, this is the year I go someplace with no internet so can’t get them till my return. Sheesh Mark, way to make a girl feel loved :)

  6. Deborah

    I really like your templates. I write for Kindle but not for business. Will you have templates available later for use with a variety of topics and niches?



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