Ebook Templates for CoverActionPro Users (Coming Soon)

cover templatesTemplates are becoming very popular among CAP users. In fact, Template Pack sales have been higher then usual this last few months. I see Bloggers, Speakers, Podcasters and “Stay at Home Mom’s” launching their own ebooks lately. There’s so much good information about writing ebooks and technology, but what about book cover design?

Here are some quotes I read recently

“Readers will judge your book by its cover — and quickly. Statistics show that the average person will decide to buy your book within 8 seconds of seeing your cover. That’s an expensive piece of real estate! It helps you get noticed and is usually directly correlated to sales success.” – Cheri Breeding. Director of Production for Outskirts Press.

E-books are bought online, usually on a page with many other books on it. Therefore, simplicity, clarity, brightness and information must jump off the screen. A simple and arresting graphic element and  bold clear text for the title and author must be easy to read on the small online image. – 111Publishing.com

Of course the people writing these statements want your business, but aside from that I think these points are very good. It reminds me of my friend who asked his Uncle to video tape his wedding instead of hiring a Videographer, later to discover there was an earthquake after watching the tape back.

ebook templates in photoshop

I’ve been watching where things are going online with eReaders and Kindle style ebooks. It’s time we start responding to it. And your feedback will make all the difference for which direction we go (There is a poll at the bottom of this post). But not only that, we want you to look great!

We are on a Template frenzy right now at the office. We’re creating a nice resource and collection of templates for you. But we still need your feedback when it comes to themes and delivery.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come

Yoga Ebook Cover Template
Making Goals Ebook Cover Template
Business ebook cover template Happy ebook cover template
Anxiety Ebook Template
Top Secret ebook cover template
Meditation Ebook Cover Template

Your opinion means everything, Thanks!


  1. Kevin A Long

    Fantastic to have you back buddy, they’re all good, would like something for Non Fiction books if it can be done.:-)

      1. Kevin A Long

        The only reason I say that Mark, I know an awful lot of Indie authors who spend big money on their book covers, me included, so thanks for your comment.

      1. rocknblogger

        I’m sorry Mark, I wasn’t paying attention and I thought this was another blog post about CAP3. Of course it’d be nice to get a discount but my question was meant for the new CAP3 that you’re working on :)

        Sorry about that :D

        1. Mark Monciardini

          Ah, no problem. Yes there will be a discount if you are moving to CAP3. However, at this point I’m not sure CAP3 will even have a price, we’re still debating that.


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