CAP 2.0 Pre-Orders *SOLD-OUT*


Today at approximately 1:54pm Cover Action Pro 2.0 Pre-Ordering was Sold Out. The Pre-Order gave people a chance to receive Free Shipping and a chance to win the 4th Secret Bonus DVD. There was only 200 orders offered in this Pre-Order and it was maxed out in a little under an hour. Those who Pre-Ordered will receive priority handling with their package

Cover Action Pro 2.0 ships on August 25th. But not to worry, there is still a final chance to receive the 4th Secret Bonus DVD on this day when we officially launch the product. As promised we have a total of 300 Secret DVDs and the remaining 100 will be given away on August 25th.

Congratulations to those that won the 4th Secret Bonus DVD today and that placed their order. Be sure to stick around for more updates, news and videos.


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  1. Ben


    Shame on you for getting me so excited only to be frustrated when I can’t find any way to order this!

    The FAIR thing to do would be to extend your offer for days and assure us that you will followthorugh as quickly as you can.

    When I was “younger” there were a marketing theme that I think of now… “I WANT MY MTV”. Only now I guess it’s more like “WHERE’S THE BEEF”?

  2. Kevin Baker

    Great job mark

    I was fortunate enough to be able to get in and out by 13.03 this afternoon. Like David my sale went off without a hitch.

    Looking forward to getting my hands on the program and finally finding out why I paid upfront a month early for Cap 2.
    I am sure I will not be disappointed.

    Once again good job.


  3. Jason

    Congrats Mark for your Pre-Order!

    200 Copies in 54 minutes…thats an awsome good start!

    Good Succes to you!

  4. David

    Hey Mark, Nice job! At least for me the transaction went smooth and fast, unlike many launches from “other” guys. In and out at 1:02!
    Really look forward to receiving the new actions.
    Thanks :))

  5. Valda

    Well done to those who managed to get one of the 200 pre-order copies, and well done for actually getting onto the website.
    I failed to access the pre-order page for some reason.
    Anyways Mark may I ask why only 200 pre-order offers were made? I’m just wondering from looking at your “customer map” from Aweber, 200 does seem a small number.
    Oh well as they say “snooze you loose” ;-(


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