CAP 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

faq1We are just 6 days away from pre-ordering. I’ve been BOMBARDED with emails asking about Cover Action Pro 2.0. Here are the most frequently asked questions from your emails and blog comments.

Q: What is the price of Cover Action Pro 2.0?
A: Standard edition is $297 and Extreme version is $397

If you would like to know the diffrences bwteen these 2 versions please see the CAP 2.0 Standard vs. Extreme post.

Here’s a Quick Currency Converter

Q: Are you offering a discount for the owners of CAP 1.0?
A: Yes. $50 off. If you are on the CAP Customer Updates list, you will recive the discount. If you are not sure, you will need to verify your order with us. Please send an email to: It’s very important that you join the CAP Customer Updates mailing list after you purchase on July 21st, or any other time after that. This way you will be notified about discounts in the future for my products.

Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Shipping is worldwide.

Q: What is the cost for International shipping?
A: $38.00 will be added to your order for USPS Priority Express. This cost has been reduced as low as possible while retaining a fast delivery and reliable service.

Q: What about Customs charges and Taxes for International Orders?
A: There’s several ways around this. All International packages are mailed as a Sample or Gift. We can also email you the invoice instead of placing it in the package. We do this with our other products and most overseas clients are very happy with it.

Q: What if an item is missing out of my box after Customs?
A: You will be sent a replacement immediately. But this has rarely ever happened.

Q: What is the cost for shipping in the United States?
A: $27.00 will be added to your order for UPS 2nd Day delivery. If you really prefer UPS Ground then we can work this out. Although it may slow down the order process.

Q: Who will get to pre-order?
A: Anyone on the email list. If you do not receive my emails please make sure to sign up to the pre-notification form on the top of this blog page.

Q: Will I receive a link in the email about pre-ordering?
A: Yes I will send you a link on July 21st at 1pm PDT. is a great place to convert the time difference.

Q: Do we pay immediately when pre-ordering?
A: Yes. This reserves your copy of the course.

Q: What payment types are you accepting?
A: PayPal, 2Checkout, All major credit cards. If you are ordering by check, please send us an email and we will give you an order form.

Q: When will the course ship?
A: Pre-Orders ship on August 25th. Orders placed on August 25th (Launch Day) will be shipping on August 26th through the 27th. Please keep in mind that launch days are very hectic for us and sometimes it takes an extra day just to get all the packages out the door.

Q: Mark, what about us that joined the waiting list. Aren’t we entitled to get our hands on CAP2 first?
A: You are the first to be notified about it. It will be on a ‘first come first serve’ bases because the waiting list out numbers the quantity available BIG time.

Q: 1pm PDT is very late at night where I live. How can I make sure I get to order?
A: I understand. On the last launch we had some people set their alarm clocks to stay up or wake up earlier. You can also play cards or computer games. Some people have a friend order for them too. Just some ideas.

Q: Will you please tell us what is on the secret DVD that comes with the CAP2?
A: I will not be revealing what is on it. It’s only being included with the 200 pre-orders on July 21st. The remainder 100 secret DVDs will be available on August 25th.

Q: I’m expecting you to sell-out in the first 5 minutes, how will I know I get the Secret DVD?
A: After 200 Pre-Orders come through the system we will shutdown the pre-order page. If you get your order in before then, I will guarantee you the secret DVD.

Q: What’s the minimum version of Photoshop in order for CAP 2.0 to work?
A: CAP 2.0 is designed to work with CS2, CS3 and CS4.

Q: Mark, Will you be offering a download version?
A: CAP 2.0 will only be available on DVD. However we may have downloadable updates on the website later.

Q: Affiliate Program?
A: It’s on the board. We will know for sure before August 25th but I think there is a good chance.

Q: It seems a bit corny to state that your secret DVD will be available in “300 limited copies only”. Sorry but is this really serious?
A: Yep, this is for real. You can see a copy of the invoice here.
(Blurred some items for everyones privacy).

And the winning question is…

Q: Will the new package include a tutorial on how to migrate existing cover actions over to the new ones or will we have to start over and get existing paperback or spiral bound covers re-done to fit the new templates?
A: The best answer for this is… Keep using CAP 1. If you have the layers for your cover, you can drag them into the new CAP 2 templates and re-arrange them. CAP 1 still creates great looking covers, so keep using those Actions, then convert over to CAP 2 as you move along.

I wanted to also note. Some people said I was making the price a secret. The pricing for CAP 2.0 was never a secret. I wasn’t ready to post it live yet. I’ve been working the numbers for the last few days and I’ve actually knocked down the amount even less then we anticipated. I wanted to present all this information today so you can view everything together.

I know there will be more questions after posting these answers. Please click on the “Reply with Comment” link below and let me know. I will revise this list later and re-post updates.

Thank you everyone. Will be waiting your feedback.

~ Mark Monciardini

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  1. Josh B

    Hi there, I am considering on purchasing cover action pro. But first I would like to know whether the software is compatible with Pixelmator or only compatible with Photoshop? I would really appreciate your quick response as it will depend on whether I can get CAP now or get Photoshop first. Kind regards Josh B

  2. Mark

    Hi Mark,

    Can you tell me one thing:
    Does CAP work with CS5. I not able to get CS2,3 of 4.


    Mark v Leeuwenstijn

  3. Marwan Talodi

    Hi Mark,
    I have purchased the Cover Action Pro 2.0 and I’m using MAC and Photoshop CS4, when I loaded the actions, some actions did not work, as all the layers are corrupted. kindly help me how can I use the product correctly.


  4. Michael Reinhart

    Hi Mark I am not sure you got my e mail so I thought i would contact you here. You had sent me an email to get a discount as I own your first release of cap but the problem was I live in a different time zone and you had your count down clock set to my time zone which is 3 hours behind you so once it reached 0 you were sold out! You might want to resolve that on your next launch. Thanks and good luck with your campaign.

  5. Zalman


    Thanks for answering all our questions.

    I have a sample book cover that I’d like to email to you to see if you have an action that can mimick that look. I don’t find any email address to which I can send it to you to see. Can you let me know where to email it?


  6. Lisa

    Hi Mark:
    I have a desktop and a laptop. Most software allows for 1 installation on each, including Adobe. Is the same true for CAP 2.0?


  7. Nathaniel

    Hi Mark,

    I have a quick questions.

    I just want to ask how many actions are there in the bundles and course dvd?

    Is there a tutorials how to make the bundles and courses in the Standard Package?



    1. Mark Monciardini

      You’ll find 10 scripts that create over 130 covers. You can move them around as you wish.

      There’s not a tutorial on that specifically, but you will find one on creating audio CD sets. You can combine the covers together with the Standard package but the result will look much better with the Bundles and Courses Actions.

  8. Zalman

    I posted this elsewhere, but realized it should probably be in the FAQ:

    Two questions, please:

    1. You mention the actions are listed by model # in Photoshop. Does that mean they do not have descriptive names such as “Book-Open w/pages” or “DVD-No Case”, etc.?

    Without descriptive titles it would be difficult to use easliy with so many actions, especially when working remotly and don’t have “the book” with you.

    2. For the CD+Jewel case, can you supply a version with a CLEAR tray, meaning like the CD’s where the tray card left 0.5″ edge shows through the left-hand plastic spine (which is now black ridges)?

    Thanks for the good work!


    1. Mark Monciardini

      That’s correct. They use model numbers. Most of these new Actions are highly descriptive and labeling them in the Actions palette can be bit chaotic. You’ll find the final rendered version of the covers on included as files. You can view them through a network this way.

      There may not be a case exactly as you described, most of the trays are black. But I can always make this one later :-)

  9. Zalman


    We are very excited about the new CAP 2.0 as we do books allot, but one thing is holding us back. Some of our client’s books have the spine on the right (i.e. right-to-left language books). For your hardbacks and softcover actions, is there a way we can indicate a right-hand spine?

    If not, can you suggest a workaround?

    This should open up te product to many more customers who need that.


  10. Dee Ferdinand

    Hi Mark

    Dee here.. would like to ask you if I can promote your CAP2 pre-sales? As I got a few guys interested to buy it off me :) How do I sign up as affiliate to the new ecover actions pack?


    1. Mark Monciardini

      Hi Dee,

      I would of liked to have this but we are mainly shooting to release it a little after the pre-order date, simply because, well, it’s not ready yet. This also gives those who have been waiting so long a better opportunity to get a priority copy. I’ll let you know when we are rolling out the Affiliate program asap.

  11. W.

    Hey Mark,
    I have a big problem with the email link you will send to get one of the 200 secret dvds.
    I am from Austria and there is a time delay up to 10 min to get a email from you.
    So wouldn’t it be better to give europe an extra chance?
    Maybe give europe an other link – with maybe 50 DVD’s reserved.
    Or give it away as luck would have it.
    Best regards,

  12. Peter

    Hi Mark,

    I was just wondering, since the CAP 2.0 has two version; regular and Extreme. I just wanted to know if the Extreme version; will you be showing us how actually assemble the product with CAP 2 and how to sell our product online? The cost of the Extreme is pretty high, $400. By Showing us how to sell our product online, I mean like creating the webpage and hosting it online, making the Paypal account and stuff like that. If, Yes, then the price is totally worth it.

    1. Mark Monciardini

      Hi Peter,

      The video training DVD will show you how to make a basic sales page and instructions on how to upload it to your hosting provider. The Paypal part will be up to you.


  13. RobWing

    You said you will send us a link via e-mail at 1PM PDT. Can we give you an additional e-mail address since sometimes a mail server holds up the incoming e-mails. This way, hopefully, one of the e-mails will come in on time.

  14. Kevin Baker


    So now we know the price we can budget for that. I own CAP 1.0 so I best make sure I am on your email list. I also brought a Photoshop course which was a DVD only course a while ago. I found that shipped o.k so I have no worries about the CAP 2 DVD.



  15. Dee Ferdinand

    Hi Mark,

    It’s great that you answer me on this :) please emailed the package as the one you stated as sample or gift ;) (This will work I had it before)

    ” Q: What about Customs charges and Taxes for International Orders?
    A: There’s several ways around this. All International packages are mailed as a Sample or Gift. We can also email you the invoice instead of placing it in the package. We do this with our other products and most overseas clients are very happy with it.

  16. Zalman


    What’s the pricing for STANDARD and EXTREME for Federally Recognized Charitable Non-Profits?

    Also, can we request regular mail pricing? $27.00 for shipping a DVD is a bit high.



    1. Mark Monciardini


      Depending on which version you buy there could be 4 DVDs total. Also don’t forget you are receiving a 120 page book. With the box it comes to 2lbs. The pricing is for reliable shipping and I don’t make any profit from it. After handling we are actually more negative.


  17. Rob

    Hi Mark, I am excited about the launch. You listed the price for CAP 2 but not the upgrade price for those of us who own version 1.

    Do you have that price established yet?


  18. Amy

    Also, how will pre-order work for people who will not be living at the same address in August as they do now if they don’t know what their new address will be then?

  19. Matt

    I’m new to Adobe Photoshop and CAP. Will the Adobe Photoshop Extended Version, which according to Adobe is a completely different product than Adobe Photoshop, support CAP? I’m assuming it will.




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